Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan 1- Jan 5

Welcome to my new blog!! I figured if I blogged I could get through all 365 days!! Here's the start:
Jan 1

This just a snapshot of my scrapbook desk. Can you tell I love to use my BG Magnetic Mat, I've had it about 9 months!
Jan 2

Here's our new family toy. The girls and I have enjoyed playing with it sooo much. Even Tony has gotten in on the Wii action.
Jan 3

Here's a cute picture of Lexi and Princess, Lexi was tucker out after playing with the Wii for hours.
Jan 4

Here Gigi is going through different pictures looking for the perfect picture to scrap. She eventually found one.
Jan 5

My camera, this is the shot I used to create my header. I {heart} my camera!!

Thanks for taking time to view my photos!!
Love and Hugs!!

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